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Peblar chargers all come with the same robustness, ease of use and security. They’re ready for the future of connectivity and can be installed by an installer in under 30 minutes. Explore all of our chargers below!

Aesthetic Design

Our chargers are easy on the eyes

Quick to Install

Installed by an installer in under 30 minutes

Easy to Use

Charge intuitively, without a manual

Hard to break

Thanks to a limited amount of cables and elements

Highly Secure

We go above and beyond the legally required standards

Built to Last

Peblar is robust and hard to break

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Peblar Home


Peblar Home Plus


Peblar Business

Number of phases

1 / 3 phase

1 / 3 phase

1 / 3 phase

Maximum power 

3.7kW / 11kW

7.4kW / 22kW

7.4kW / 22kW

Port type

Fixed cable 5m / 7.5m

Fixed cable 5m / 7.5m


Local web interface connectivity

WiFi, Ethernet

WiFi, Ethernet

WiFi, Ethernet


RFID authentication

Group load balancing

Scheduled charging

Energy meter



MID / Eichrecht (optional)

Back office connectivity The back offices we support now are:
Blulinc, Chargit, E-flux by Road, FLEXeCHARGE, Laadnet, LMS, Longship, Maxem, Mobiflow, Monta, Optimile, Tap Electric, Wattify.

OCPP 1.6-J over ethernet, WiFi

OCPP 1.6-J over ethernet, WiFi, mobile network (2G / 4G)

OCPP 1.6-J over ethernet, WiFi, mobile network (2G / 4G)

ISO15118 Plug and Charge ready



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Highly Secure Hardware And Software

For our team of engineers, robustness doesn’t stop at hardware. It’s everywhere: from the product build to the supporting software.


The entire system is integrated into one Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Our chargers have a limited amount of cables and elements, and lack interdependencies. All chargers passed and exceeded the safety tests. 


Our chargers meet all safety requirements and regulations. To avoid data leaks, we only allow encrypted web sockets. We use automated, structured processes and test our software on a daily basis.

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