Installers, we built your new favourite charger

Discover Peblar

At Peblar, we like to woo our installers. Our team of engineers spent many hours building the most robust charger possible, making it easy for you to get it up and running. In 30 minutes max, to be exact.

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More Robustness; Fewer Service Calls

Our team of engineers created a rock-solid, robust charger that has a limited amount of cables and elements. This makes it easy to install (in less than 30 mins) and hard to break, resulting in fewer service calls. For installers, this means massive time savings.

A Charger Your Clients Love

Just like we want to impress you, you want to impress your clients. With Peblar, you provide them with four important benefits:


Aesthetic Design

Peblar fits the style of their homes and businesses

Easy to Use

Charging works intuitively and without a manual

Hard to Break

Thanks to its robustness, Peblar is foolproof


Peblar is ready for the future of EV charging

Three Variations - Same Robustness

End clients, businesses and project managers all come with their own preferences and needs. That’s why we’ve developed three product variations that all share the same robustness and ease of use.


Fixed cable, dynamic load balancing and ready for solar charging support

Home Plus

Home features, plus a MID energy meter and mobile connectivity


Home Plus features, plug-and-charge ready and a socket instead of a fixed cable

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? Find your answer in our FAQ. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try our support page.

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