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Load Balancing Accessories

Discover our range of accessories, including load balancing kits and charging poles. If you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Peblar Load Balancing-1


Load Balancing Kit

Available in Europe

Our load balancing kit (also known as CT coils) is a hardware add-on that prevents a blackout by ensuring that you don't exceed the maximum current available in your household. The kit works throughout Europe.

Peblar Energy Track



Available in Europe

We also support load balancing through HomeWizard. They provide a platform to monitor the energy usage of your household. HomeWizard helps you to improve energy management and reduce costs as a result.
* DSMR 4 or 5 required, older smart meters are not supported. Click here to check if your smart meter is compatible. 

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Charging Poles

Single Pole Peblar-1

Single Pole

We offer rock-solid single poles that are easy to install. Hard to break; easy on the eyes.

Peblar Dual Pole

Dual Pole

Our dual pole allows you to simultaneously charge two electric vehicles from a single charging pole.