Hi, this is Peblar

Here to fuel your future

As life gets more complex, tech should get easier. That’s why we build EV chargers that are robust, easy to use and future-ready. Backed by our parent company Prodrive Technologies, we have everything in-house to fuel your future.

Born Ready

Peblar didn’t need time to get up to speed; we were born ready. Founded by Prodrive Technologies, we specialize in building customized solutions by producing everything in-house in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Our team of engineers took the years of experience of our parent company and ran with it. It made us fast, thorough and ahead of the curve. While you get in the car for your next adventure, we’re already thinking about your next move.

Easy To Install - Easy On The Eyes

When it comes to design, we take on a different approach than other EV charger producers out there. The entire Peblar charging system is integrated into one Printed Circuit Board (PCB), making our products extremely robust. And while reviewing other EV chargers on the market, we realised we could do better on aesthetics, too. That’s why our chargers are not just easy to install; they’re also easy on the eyes.

No Time To Lose

Time has become our most precious asset. We don’t want to spend it waiting for our cars to charge. We don’t want to wait years for a better EV charger to be launched. And we definitely don’t have time to wait for the era of electric driving. If we want to save the planet for the next generations, it needs to happen right now. That’s why our aim is ambitious and simple: getting people to switch to electric driving while creating the greenest charger of all time.

The Peblar Team

At Peblar, it’s not just the EV charger that’s future-ready. We’re a team of professionals that are all capable of doing great things. We value and respect each other, and our way of working is mind-blowingly flexible. At Peblar, you don’t need to be a manager to feel important; we’re a team and build everything together. Want to create the future of EV charging with us? Then join our team. You’re going to love it.

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