How to Connect HomeWizard with Peblar EV Chargers

27 May 2024 Peblar
HomeWizard dongle plugged into meter

Installing the HomeWizard into your home’s smart meter and pairing it to a Peblar EV charger couldn’t be simpler.

We advise having a qualified installer to set up the HomeWizard and ensure they follow these instructions.

For Customers New to HomeWizard

  • Place the WiFi P1 Meter in the P1 port of your smart meter. If your smart meter isn’t SMR 4 or SMR 5, you will need to buy a power adapter set from the HomeWizard shop

  • The P1 Meter should start flashing white, indicating it’s in factory mode

  • To pair the devices, press and hold the button on the P1 Meter until it starts flashing blue

  • Once the HomeWizard P1 Meter has been set up, follow the next steps to connect it to your Peblar EV charger.

For more details, check out HomeWizard’s advice for installing the WiFi P1 Meter.

HomeWizard app and dongle next to Peblar EV charger

For Customers Already Using HomeWizard

  • Connect the Peblar to your home network where the HomeWizard is already connected. This can be done via Ethernet or WiFi

  • Select HomeWizard as the source at the dynamic load balancing step

  • The EV charger will now search for the HomeWizard within the network. Make sure to select the HomeWizard.

How to install the Wi-Fi P1 Meter | HomeWizard Helpdesk

HomeWizard app displaying readings

Setting Up Dynamic Load Balancing for Peblar With HomeWizard

During the commissioning process, the installation procedure involves selecting the measurement source for dynamic load balancing. If either HomeWizard or a Current Transformer (CT) is selected, you simply need to choose the matching source. After this selection, you can set your household limit.

Homewizard load balancing

How Does the Algorithm Work?

The measurement source keeps track of the current usage-per-phase in the household’s fuse box. From this, the Peblar charger calculates how much current-per-phase the car is allowed to charge. In this calculation, the lowest available current of the three phases is the current setpoint for the Peblar charger. 

The installer is able to verify the correctness of the load balancing by observing the values of the measurement source in the web interface.

Homewizard verify correctness of load balancing