The Future of EV Chargers

20 March 2024 Peblar

Welcome to Fueling the future with Rob IJpelaar, Director of Operations at Peblar. We speak to Rob about the future of EV chargers.

How is Peblar preparing for the EV transition?

I think we're currently in the middle of the EV transition. So a lot still needs to happen, but we're actually already working for around six years with a dedicated team of professionals in the field of EV.

So we build up quite some knowledge and I think we're ready to accelerate, so hopefully it will accelerate and next year a lot of car builders will introduce new models, more everything will accelerate.


How is Peblar driving change in the industry?

It's really important that all the knowledge that we gained when having our products in the field, that we also incorporate that into all the committees that are working on standards, but also share this knowledge brought in the industry to really come to a very fair level playing field.

So I think we can really contribute and all the lessons learned are really valuable, not only for us, but also for the entire industry.


Do you think that charger standardisation is on the horizon

There is at the moment quite some standardisation already. So you have product norms, you have installation norms, but also regulations, even local regulations. So I think there's a lot of standardisation, but it's not always clear how to interpret certain norms and I think it can be made easier.

So at the moment it's not always that easy to understand the norms and to really make a product for those norms, but I think there's still quite some work to do to make it less of a jungle within Europe even and really make it easier for the entire industry.