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No one likes to drive around their own neighbourhood looking for an EV charger. Peblar offers rock-solid charging stations for multi-homes that function multiple chargers simultaneously. Bring convenience to your residents and increase the value of your real estate!

Peblar Residential Charging - Four Reasons Why

There’s more than one reason to choose our EV chargers. We’ll give you four.


Free Product Choice

Choose from three charger options

Easy to install

Can be installed by an installer within 30 minutes

Hard to Break

Thanks to a limited amount of cables and elements


Peblar is ready for the future of EV charging

Choose Your Best Match

Peblar offers a range of charging options you can choose from for your multi-home: Home, Home Plus and Business. Compare the specs and choose your best match.



Peblar Home


Peblar Home Plus


Peblar Business

Number of phases

1 / 3 Phase

1 / 3 Phase

1 / 3 Phase

Maximum power 

3.7kW / 11kW

7.4kW / 22kW

7.4kW / 22kW

Port type

Fixed cable 5m / 7.5m

Fixed cable 5m / 7.5m



RFID authentication

Group load balancing

Energy meter



MID / Eichrecht (optional)

Back office connectivity The back offices we support now are:
Blulinc, Chargit, E-flux by Road, FLEXeCHARGE, Laadnet, LMS, Longship, Maxem, Mobiflow, Monta, Optimile, Tap Electric, Wattify.

OCPP 1.6-J over ethernet, WiFi

OCPP 1.6-J over ethernet, WiFi, mobile network (2G / 4G)

OCPP 1.6-J over ethernet, WiFi, mobile network (2G / 4G)

ISO15118 Plug and Charge ready



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Highly Secure And Hard To Break

Our team of engineers went above and beyond, particularly in ensuring the security of our chargers. They incorporate top-notch data security protocols and offer secure payment processing options, making them exceptionally safe. We’ve also tested our chargers in extreme circumstances, from -30 to 50°C, and made sure they can endure all types of weather conditions.

Group Load Balancing

All Peblar variants come with group load balancing. Thanks to this technology, multiple charging stations share a limited amount of power in the most efficient way. Peblar allocates the power across the charging stations based on demand and priority. The result? Better charging management and a lower risk of electrical grid overload.

Highly Secure Hardware And Software

For our team of engineers, robustness doesn’t stop at hardware. It’s everywhere: from the product build to the supporting software.


The entire system is integrated into one Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Our chargers have a limited amount of cables and elements, and lack interdependencies. All chargers passed and exceeded the safety tests. 


Our chargers meet all safety requirements and regulations. To avoid data leaks, we only allow encrypted web sockets. We use automated, structured processes and test our software on a daily basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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