Peblar Partners with YESSS Electrical

4 June 2024 Peblar

Installers can now view and purchase Peblar chargers from YESSS Electrical, a leading distributor of electrical supplies in the EU.

We're excited to share our collaboration with YESSS Electrical, where our Peblar chargers will now be distributed via their website and their 13 stores in the Netherlands. 

Mishel Petrovic, EV & Energy Manager, shares his experience in collaborating with us:

"Peblar has already proven to be a good partner for YESSS in a short time. The Dutch origin of the company ensures smooth communication and we have direct lines to the right people within the charger manufacturer."

Mishel says they've been able to plan several staff and installer training sessions at the Eindhoven headquarters. He adds, "As a partner, [Peblar] listens well to the market to respond to the needs of installers and end customers."

The fact that Peblar's chargers are manufactured in the Netherlands instills a lot of confidence in the quality and support of the chargers.

About YESSS Electrical

YESSS is a leading distributor with multiple branches spread across several countries in the EU. They focus mainly on small and medium-sized installers and are very involved in their installers' projects. This includes providing excellent guidance in setting up the first building blocks of the project, such as advice on chargers for different situations.

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About Peblar

We build EV chargers that are robust, easy to use and future-ready. Backed by our parent company Prodrive Technologies, we have everything in-house to fuel your future.

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