Peblar Partners with Solarclarity

24 January 2024 Peblar

We are thrilled to announce that Peblar has partnered with Solarclarity, a leading online PV distributor of solar hardware, batteries and charging stations. 

Through a collaboration that emphasises shared values in innovation, Dutch heritage, and high quality renewable energy options, we are able to simplify the process of procuring our chargers, and bring more Peblar chargers to the market.

Installers can view and order Peblar chargers from Solarclarity today!

Vincent Kamermans, Product Marketing at Solarclarity explains why they chose to partner with Peblar: “Peblar has a lot of experience, is a Dutch brand, is still in development, has a nice look & feel and has great quality”.

When discussing how the partnership has been so far, he goes on to say that “we are still at an early stage with cooperation but all information that we needed to introduce Peblar [to Solarclarity] was available, which was really nice.” 

Vincent added that customers appreciate “the look and feel, price, functionality and quality” of the Peblar chargers now available to order from Solarclarity. 


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About Solarclarity

Solarclarity is the leading online PV distributor of solar hardware, batteries and charging stations. Established in 2008, the company has grown to become the leading international distributor in the Benelux and Nordics.

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About Peblar

We build EV chargers that are robust, easy to use and future-ready. Backed by our parent company Prodrive Technologies, we have everything in-house to fuel your future.

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