Peblar and STROOHM: A Dynamic White Label Partnership

8 July 2024 Peblar

Fueled by a drive to develop our white label EV chargers, we joined forces with STROOHM, a Belgian Charge Point Operator to create a competitive product for the fleet charging market.

The Spark of the Collaboration

In this case study, Bart Massin, CEO of STROOHM, gives an insight into how the collaboration began and the development process of their white label EV charger, the ZenCharger. This collaboration merges Peblar’s industry expertise with STROOHM’s dedication to building a cutting-edge product.

Discover the intricate white label customisation process and how Peblar produced a leading product for STROOHM’s EV fleet charging market.

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The ZenCharger underwent extensive testing in our production facility, including X-ray inspections and extreme temperature and weather testing. This ensured the chargers had the robustness to function across various climates. Following these rigorous procedures, STROOHM’s team conducted their own tests in real-world scenarios, including compatibility testing and load-balancing tests.

“We work with many hardware suppliers but can conclude that Peblar’s technical support is very good. You can talk directly with subject matter experts who know exactly what they’re talking about.” - Bart Massin, CEO of STROOHM

Looking Ahead: Sustainable Growth and Expansion

Ongoing development involving the latest software updates ensures Peblar’s EV chargers remain future-proof and competitive in the market. The efficient rollout of the ZenCharger received a positive reception from STROOHM’s clients, who praised the charger’s high quality, ease of use and practicality.

The future looks bright for the partnership, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with STROOHM!

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