Our Collaboration with HomeWizard: Enhancing Your EV Charging Experience

20 May 2024 Peblar

The Onset of Our Partnership

Understanding the importance of seamless integration in the modern smart home, we at Peblar sought a partner who shared our vision for innovation and simplicity in technology. Our collaboration with HomeWizard is born from a mutual commitment to improving the everyday lives of our customers by integrating electric vehicle (EV) charging into the household energy management system.

HomeWizard has established itself as a leader in providing households with detailed insights into their energy consumption. Their advanced P1 Meter, a dongle to plug into your smart meter, enable users to monitor electricity and gas consumption, fostering an environment of awareness and efficiency. Their solutions are designed with user-friendliness in mind, regardless of tech-savviness or age. HomeWizard and Peblar share the perspective that access to this information should be available without facing high costs. 

Discover more about Peblar's collaboration with HomeWizard to enable users to monitor energy stats for their EV charger.

Homewizard dongle plugged into thermostat energy meter

The Core of Our Collaboration

The essence of our partnership lies in leveraging HomeWizard's sophisticated software capabilities, particularly through the HomeWizard P1 Meter. This acts as a bridge, connecting Peblar's EV chargers to your home's smart meter.

Peblar's chargers perform load balancing based on the household's power usage to prevent overloading the electrical grid. Customers can select solar charging strategies using data from the HomeWizard device. From here, they can observe the charging behaviour of the session within the web interface.

Here are the top HomeWizard P1 Meter functions:

  • Monitor your energy usage in real-time
  • Understand the specific consumption of devices when turned on
  • Compare energy usage across different times to manage costs effectively
  • Observe the power usage of the household.

The Peblar and HomeWizard collaboration allows you to:

  • Configure load balancing
  • Check the progress of solar charging for your EV
  • Adjust the solar charging strategy for your EV

We aim to deliver a great user experience by combining Peblar's expertise in EV charging solutions with HomeWizard's energy monitoring technology.

Our collaboration is designed to ensure that the installation and operation of your EV charger are simple and fully integrated into your home's energy ecosystem. This provides reliability, convenience and peace of mind.


HomeWizard app EN


Moving Forward Together

Peblar and HomeWizard are not just working together for the present. We’re committed to a long-term partnership that innovates and adapts to the changing needs of our customers across Europe. 

As life becomes more complex, technology should become simpler. This collaboration helps us to fulfil our mission to build EV chargers that are robust, user-friendly and future-ready. We’re excited about the opportunities this partnership opens up for creating more sustainable and efficient living environments.

Part of the Change

Join us in this journey towards a smarter, more sustainable future. With the Peblar and HomeWizard collaboration, you're not just choosing an EV charger, you're embracing a holistic approach to energy management and efficiency in your home. Discover the difference that a seamlessly integrated EV charging solution can make in your life and be part of the movement towards greener, more sustainable living.