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EV Charging Made Simple

Charging your vehicle should be as easy as driving it. That’s why we’ve built the most reliable, easy-to-use charger on the market. You can go out and explore the world today; we’ll be working on your next move. Are you ready?

Peblar EV Chargers Greatest Features

Our EV chargers are easy to install, simple to use and hard to break. Discover their greatest features below.

Explore Peblar EV Chargers
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Aesthetic Design

Made to accessorise and fit in with your exterior

Rocksolid Build

Only a limited amount of cables and elements

Safe & Secure

Following the highest market standards

Quick Installation

Set up by an installer in less than 30 minutes

Electric Charging Reimagined

Peblar is powered by Prodrive Technologies, a staple name in the automotive and semiconductor industry. Because of their ultra-high standards, our team of engineers had a head start in developing an EV charger that’s easy to install, simple to use and hard to break. 

We designed every single detail ourselves. Development, production, testing - everything is done in-house at Prodrive Technologies' highly automated manufacturing site in Eindhoven.

Born Ready - Peblar

On The Shoulders Of Giants

As we stand on the shoulders of giants, we see new opportunities coming for miles. Better connectivity, more sustainable materials and new data applications: we’re already using them. It’s why all of our solutions are ahead of their time.

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Peblar EV Charger - A Look Under The Hood

When designing our EV charger, we didn’t choose between safety, robustness and aesthetics. We wanted you to have it all.


The integrated PCB reduces energy consumption and cost while improving quality through automated manufacturing.


Rated up to 7,4 kW for single-phase and 22 kW for three-phase charging, our charger range covers all charging needs in private, public and semi-public use cases.

Easy to Integrate

Our EV chargers enable integration with the most common back-ends in the market.

Safe and Secure

Our charger has undergone rigorous testing that goes above and beyond the legally required standards for EV charging.

Built to Last

Our EV chargers are built to last. This is thanks to our stellar team of engineers, who kept improving our chargers until they only had a few highly durable parts. We build everything in-house, so there are no trucks driving stuff around. Even our packaging supplier lives next door! And we’re not done decreasing our carbon footprint.

While our chargers get you ready for a new day, we’re already designing a better, greener future.