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We love a good partnership. It helps both sides to look beyond the limits of their organisation and build better products together, which is exactly what the EV sector needs. 

You can become a Peblar partner if you are:

  • An installer
  • A reseller
  • Or a backend provider

Benefits of becoming a Peblar Partner

We’re always looking for best-in-class partners to help us making the most reliable charger available for everyone.


On-Site Support

Direct access to product and installation support

Partner Portal

Access the tools, technical support, and resources you need to find detailed answers about Peblar chargers

Marketing Materials

Browse our digital library to view and download product images, video's, and manuals

Training & Certification

Free access to technical installer and commercial courses

Promotion on Website

Be promoted as a partner on our website

Partner Logo

Access to “Certified Peblar Partner” logo

4 Steps to Becoming a Peblar Partner



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Video Call

If it's a match, we invite you to an introductory video call.


Undergo Peblar partner technical and commercial training.


Begin selling and/or installing Peblar.

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